Little Mammals gives you the tools you need to run your community group or business; all in one place.

Little Mammals is ideal for:


ChildCare Centres

Simplify your admin, bring more of it online and make it simpler for parents; giving more capacity to focus on the children and the center. Set up waiting lists, accept payments, raise money, organise events and connect the community. Use only what you need and build in more over time.

Community Groups

Create and foster a community both online and offline. Organise events, fundraisers and projects. Use the tools to connect people and share info and progress. Create an online marketplace to raise money, keep people up to date with the latest developments.

Social Clubs

Organise and get people excited about your next social event. Small businesses and corporates alike can benefit from easier event management and organisation, creating attendance lists and accepting payments. When it’s all done and dusted, post the photos on your website.


Promote and adapt to the changing needs of your organization with a simple-to-use website. Raise money, accept donations online and receive payments at fundraisers and events. Collaborate with your communities, supporters and beneficiaries. Engage with other charities to reach more people.


Little Mammals is a set of online tools designed with you in mind.

Only turn on what you need, then add more later.

Features in Little Mammals include:


Create a brand new website or just refresh your old one. Your website, the public face online, is no doubt a vital part of your offering or service.

Your website will tie into all the other tools seamlessly. There’s no awkward integration hassle.

Create and customise a beautiful website with your logo, colour theme, URL, custom pages and menu.

Events & Tickets

Create and manage events, free or paid. Sell tickets or just distribute them. Accept payments online.
Collaborate with organisers or invitees, share ideas and get things sorted.
Set up event calendars and keep them updated. Share stories and photos from the event afterwards, through the website.
Use your events to create awareness, raise money and connect your community, simply and easily.

Online Store

Set up a simple online store to sell merchandise to help raise funds.

Waiting Lists

A waiting list is a great way to sign up members or kids in a fair way. It is also a great way to raise funds for your organisation along the way.

Payments & Donations

Accept credit card payments online via a simple, trusted, cost-effective payment gateway.
Receive donations online at any time. Take payments or donations at events or fundraisers using the mobile devices you already have.

Project Management

Help manage your fund raising activities by creating projects, assigning people and giving them tasks. A great way to collaborate without having to use another tool.

Dashboard & Data

See at a glance what your users are doing and how much fundraising Little Mammals has done over any given time.


Your Little Mammals will work on mobile too.

News & Updates

Keep you website and users up to date with regular news articles with images and tags.

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Running your business or community group simply and smoothly is vital. Keep the most important online tools under one umbrella, whilst reducing your admin, hassle and expense.

Little Mammals is a suite of tools designed to give you back valuable time. Time you can better invest in your business, your community, your team, or the people you serve. The world is changing quickly; set yourself up to adapt and evolve. Stay connected, focused and thriving.

Raise awareness and raise money. Connect your community and collaborate with your teams. Create free or paid events, then manage and deliver them with ease. Keep people updated, sharing and engaged. Little Mammals makes it simpler; both for you and anyone who interacts with you.REQUEST AN INVITE

LITTLE MAMMALS works really well for:

  • Childcare Centres
  • Community Groups
  • Sporting Clubs
  • Charities
  • Social Clubs
  • Not-for-Profits
  • NGOs
  • Hubs & Collectives
  • Special Interest Groups


  • Website
  • Waiting list
  • Online store
  • Receive donations
  • Manage projects
  • Manage Event (Paid or free event ticket)

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